Scarlett Jezebel (TAS)


Miss Scarlett is the quintessential English Rose, elegant and graceful and a true lady of burlesque. Fuelled by Turkish delight, Lambrini and the constant attentions of her obliging and athletic manservant Hugo.

Moving to Australia from England in 2006, with a variety of dance and performance experience behind her, Miss Scarlett went on to perform in one of Tasmania’s most successful burlesque troupes, The Southern Belles. Now venturing in to her solo career as Tasmania’s finest burlesque artiste. Scarlett has gone on to star in many hits shows both locally and interstate including both the Sydney and Adelaide Fringe Festivals.

Performing at:

HOBART – 3rd June 2011 – BUY TICKETS!

CANBERRA -4th June 2011 – BUY TICKETS!