Les Sorcieres Sucrees (ITALY)


les-sorcieres-sucreesThe duo was born in France 4 years ago. Theatre actress and performers previous models. They found the way to put together their passions for vintage their look and the commedy through the Burlesque. Burlesque Queens in Italy; they actually have it imported in the “BelPaese”; they had the opportunity to act in some of the most famous theatre overthere (eg TEATRO DERBY MILANO).
They had also several opportunity in Television in some of the most followed programs as Barbareschi Sciok, or Buona Domenica or Chiambretti Nights. Last but not the least the are acting as itinerant in some of the most European knew squares simply as “saltimbanco”.

Performing at:

MELBOURNE Empress Erotique – 10th June 2011 – BUY TICKETS!

MELBOURNE The Big Tease! – 11th June 2011 – BUY TICKETS!