Comedy & Character Workshop (Sydney)


Want to master comedy in a burlesque routine?
– developing a character you have for an act
– learn with our international star, UK’s burlesque darling, Khandie Khisses
– portray your narrative or persona to the audience
– enhance a performance with comedy

  • When: Saturday 28th of May, 3.45pm — 5pm
  • Where: Blush Dance School, 8C/32 Alice St, New town, NSW
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • What to bring: A good sense of humour/ethos to try new things
  • What to wear:Feel free to wear costumes you want to work on, comfortable heels, comfortable clothing
  • Cost: $40


You will receive a receipt from PayPal. This is your ‘ticket’ please print and bring this with you.

Teacher Bio

Khandie is an acccomplished teacher having worked closely in recent times with Nikita Sablier (boutique corsetry store). Her class in burlesque art sold out in a matter of days. Having become increasingly disappointed with the increase in burlesque classes teaching people to become ‘stars’, Khandie turned her attention to skill enhancement. Now she works at honing and fine tuning skills that will take you from a mid level performer to a showstopper.