What the audience says… the buzz!


“Sensual, divine, wicked, sassy, witty, sultry, absolutely AMAZING performances by the Queens of Burlesque at the Australian Burlesque Festival  Sydney night! Dolores Daiquiri, Sapphira, Lulu, Sarina Del Fuego, Briana Bluebell, Holly J’aDoll, Kitty Van Horne, Lillian Starr, Khandie Khisses, Rachel St James, Tasia, Becky Lou and Imogen Kelly! Ladies…you are magnificent!” Australian Burlesque Calendar

Dolores Daiquiri“Tonight we attended the Australian Burlesque Festival.  What a glam-glorious night starring Australia’s best performers!” The Dusk Zone Blog

“Finally got to see Burlesque done right last night, mind blowing performances…loved the inch worm butterfly…and got to see a double act done properly and to see someone do “I want to be evil”…dream come true….” Audience Member


“The show on Friday was amazing! and the girls looked gorgeous in those stockings.. Thank you for the fabulous night!”  Sweet Pins Stockings

“The host last night was amazing. Had me giggling so much I was spilling my wine. What fun!!” Audience Member

“Last nights Sydney show was simply…… seductively,tantalising wicked!”  Audience Member

Briana Bluebell

“In the unfurling of a glove or the soft swish of a tassel, the men and women of the New Burlesque offer us satire and sex at once. As if you hadn’t heard, this centuries-old form of mockery is back. Back with a new respectability and a festival to match. Aficionados of this late-night kink will know the work of Dolores Daiquiri and be as glad to savour her charms as they would do bathe in a high-ball glass of gin fizz. Fresh from her warren is the frisky Rosy Rabbit as will the jewel in the navel of traditional Belly Dance, Sapphira.

As the scantily clad know well, no one can keep their clothes on in Melbourne. It is for this reason that the Festival reaches the pinnacle of its tease down south. Pouting its way through four big nights, the Festival showcases newcomers, the dwindling art of Vaudeville and other specialty events.
These showgirls, and the occasional show-boy, offer a ribald night on the town. But, they also offer a unique fitness inspiration. Far less tacky that pole-dancing and far better shod than any sport you care to name, Burlesque is a burgeoning cardio trend. See our recommendations for the best schools nationwide.
Meantime. See you at the breast-fest.” Helen Razer, Citysearch