Sirens of Sin


The Seven Deadly Sins Revealed!!

Producers of The Australian Burlesque Festival Dolores Daiquiri and Rosy Rabbit bring you a sizzling and potent concoction like no other!

An all night romp through the vices in a palpable paradise of exotic tease and sensory delights!In the dark heat of the infamous art deco nightclub, Red Bennies, you will enter a world of glamorous hedonism, fetish flavours and hypnotic tease.

Be entranced by our ‘Sirens of Sin’ as they guide you through ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ of wrath, envy, lust, greed, gluttony, vanity and sloth while you drink, dance and indulge.

Leave morality at the door; be seduced, be engulfed and prepare to transgress as we take you on a journey of intoxicating tease!

Brought to you on the auspicious week of All Hallows eve we invite you to come dressed as your favourite sin!

Sirens of Sin

Rosy Rabbit as Envy
Becky Lou as Gluttony
Dolores Daiquiri as Lust
Vesper White as Wrath
Kerry X as Sloth (4th Nov)
Evie Red as Greed
Cleave and Daly as Vanity
Ruby Sunday as Sloth (28th Oct)

Plus Sinful Go Go Dancers!
And the devilish DJ Knave Knixx

Date: 28th October and 4th November
Time: 9pm thru to 1am
Place: Red Bennies

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