Thinking of applying for ABF 2013?


With applications opening very soon, ABF director Rosy Rabbit has some hot tips of how you can increase your chances of success!

We are so excited that its this time of year again, and possible a little daunted! If 2012 is anything to go by the enthusiasm and passion for our artform is bubbling over and it is such an honour to review all of your applications, and boy oh boy do you make it a tough job to choose!

Here are a few things that might help you in your application…

Read the questions

I know it sounds silly, but so many times we have had people fill out forms incorrectly and it makes it very difficult to review. We want to give everyone the best chance, so please don’t do yourself a disservice by making a silly mistake.

On the whole ‘reading’ note please make sure you read all of the T&Cs. This is a contract and the terms are non-negotiable, so we can’t stress strongly enough that if there are things you don’t understand, or disagree with please, get in touch with us so that we can have a proverbial sit down and chat!

Jack of all trades…

Master of none, or so the saying goes! The Australian Burlesque Festival has many different showcases, with different styles of performance featured in each one. Please don’t assume that by applying for every show that your chances are increased, but instead really think about what you can bring to the show as an artist, and where you specific style and talents would be most appreciated by an audience that arrives with an expectation of what they are going to see. Now is a wonderful opportunity to really think about what defines you as an artist, and what sets you apart from your peers.

Pretty pictures

When selecting the promotional images you are going to upload please bare in mind that should you be accepted, they will be used for online performer profiles, press & marketing etc. So please ensure you have permission from the photographer to use them! It is also important that they are high quality and high resolution. Really, SO important! As these images are used for press it is ideal if you make sure that at least one of the images uploaded is ‘family friendly’, as most mainstream media will not publish anything too revealing, not matter how lovely your face is! Sad, but true…

You are a new performer…

Welcome! I hope you are enjoying being part of this crazy community of wonderful people! If you are thinking of applying for the “Baby Bombshells” contest, make sure you have less than 2 years burlesque performance experience (to keep it fair!). There will be some super duper prizes and it really is one of the most fun events with such a fabulous, supportive atmosphere!

On the other hand, if you have had less than 2 years experience, but feel you would like to apply for other ABF events make sure you give us as much information about you, as an artist, as you can and tell us why you are ready to share the stage with some of the world’s biggest burlesque stars!

Pretend you don’t know who we are!

The Australian Burlesque community is a wonderful place to be and we are all great pals! Most likely you have shared the stage or performed with us at some point and we love you all so much and think you are SUCH an amazing bunch! But please don’t assume that because we have seen you perform before or have heard your name that we know what you are wanting to bring to next year’s festival. We know there are some incredibly creative and passionate performers out  there so please take the time to answer each question thoughtfully and put your best, sparkling rhinestone studded foot forward!

We want to see you!

Although many performers have showreels and recorded performances online, not everyone does! There are many reasons to keep your full acts out of cyber-space, and we respect you choice and that you want to save the tease for a live audience without spoiling your grand finale… However! If we haven’t had the opportunity to see you on stage in the flesh (excuse the pun!) then it is very difficult to know what you are truly capable of as a performer.
For the newer performers we understand that you simply may not have anything filmed just yet, and that is OK too! We have had some applicants in the past film themselves with their iPhone in their lounge room! It may sound silly, but we have seen a lot of burlesque and we don’t need pretty lighting and live applause to see the star power shine and it gives us more understanding of what you are all about than anything you can fit into a 100 word text box.
In the application there are options to link us to footage of  your acts, and Youtube has the option to upload a video as ‘private’. This means that only those with the link can view the video and it won’t show up in searches, so your secrets are safe with us!

Talk to us

If you have any questions, or feel like you need some more advice please do contact us. We are more than happy to help and want to give every single one of you the chance you deserve!

For international applicants we would strongly suggest you get in touch with us ASAP if you are thinking of applying so that we can give you as much time as possible to plan your travel arrangements.

Well guys, we can’t wait to get your applications, I know they are going to be AMAZING!


Rosy Rabbit

You can contact Rosy Rabbit or Dolores Daiquiri via the contact page.