Industry Spotlight: Valentino Varan Vesarach


This month we are pleased to introduce Sydney based photographer Valentino Varan Vesarach, an Italian Artist born in 1981 in Bangkok.

After living five years between Bali and Italy moved to Australia to continue his cultural growth and satisfy his natural curiosity about his most intimate dream …travelling.

Grown artistically under the influence and teachings of his maternal uncle Pino Usicco, famous artist in Visual Arts and highest art evolution researcher since Roman times to today, Valentino Varan is along for years now a search path that is based on an approach rooted in the “basics” of photography, basing its work on the basic features of it: THE


His photography has as its main theme the ability to “CAPTURE” and “SHOW” moments and moods that are part of the most intimate reality of his subjects.

He now lives in Sydney and is particularly tied to his mentor, London Photographer Sam Harris.


For you viewing pleasure, and a glimpse at some private and intimate moments of burlesque artists backstage we share with you Valentino’s series The Kingdom.

The Kingdom is the first introductory series of the project The Roman Empress composed of two Series.(The Kingdom and The Empress).

The Kingdom is a photographic document that examines closely the Perth Burlesque Festival 2012 in its entirety.

Thanks to:

Coco Poppin – A’dora Derriere – Billie Rae – Dixie Ramone – Beehives GOGO – Kathryn Delaney – Miss Jane – Mrs Rose – Circus Joseph Ashton – Miss Gail Force – Perth International Burlesque Festival.


•Place of capture: Perth, WA, Australia.

•Year: 2012