Clara Cupcakes (Melbourne, VIC)


This is one dame who’s good with her hands – be it baking a tray of her famous kitsch cupcakes or twirling a feather fan in her tribute to the great Louise Brooks. She’s a knockout with those hips too – don’t miss her astonishing signature charleston hula hoop act, the only performance of its kind in the world. That’s not all Clara has hidden under her cloche. She’ll serenade you with a witty little ditty accompanied by her trusty ukulele if you get on her sweet side. Known for her quirky stage presence, hot shoe shufflin’ and red hot hoochie coochin’ antics, Clara leaves audiences hootin’ and hollerin’ for more. The Queen of Cute, Clara’s mischievous vaudevillian grin is irresistible, not to mention those va-va-voom curves! Dancer, madcap flapper, gin soaked floozy and vampish vagabond, Clara Cupcakes was born for burlesque.

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