Elena Gabrielle (Melbourne, VIC)


Let me share a little recipe with you. Mix together:

1 bucket of cherries

2 litres of chocolate sauce

A pinch of napalm

2 cans of hairspray

A complete lack of morality

Smother it over your body, light a match and you are just getting close to the musical theatre experience that is Elena Gabrielle.

Burlesque menace, post-modern debutante and deluded diva, this NIDA trained actress and songstress boasts the shameless capacity to disgust and delight audiences alike.

Glittering with charm, dripping with satire and showcasing an uproarious musicality, Elena’s cheeky repertoire will leave you bewildered, frightened, entertained and excited.

Having performed across multiple theatre and cabaret venues across the Melbourne and Sydney performing arts scene, Ms. Gabrielle has received inspirational testimonials such as:


“Up and coming talent of Australian Music Theatre.” David Campbell


“Elena has impeccable comic timing, a great stage presence and a terrific voice.” Steven Krygger, Managing Director, Why Not? Production Company


And agreeable observations such as:


“Very refreshing. It’s like someone poured Listerine into my ears.” Audience member


“If nothing else she has killer legs.” Venue owner


One night with Elena and you’ll be drizzled, splashed, smothered and covered. A class-act comedienne, jill-of-all-trades and seasoned performer, this bitch lays it on thick.


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