Little Skink (Melbourne, VIC)


Little Skink has always had an appetite for the weird, playful and smutty things in life. Burlesque has been the perfect playground for a quirky creature with a penchant for all things sparkly and sexy. An up and coming neo-burlesque performer with a dark comedic streak, Little Skink’s imagination lets her run wild, dragging the audience with her into strange and sensual fantasies of rampaging monsters, fairy tale fetishes, and insect love affairs. Little Skink was honoured to be selected as the Australian Burlesque Festival’s Baby Bombshell of 2012 and the opening act at last year’s Big Tease.  She has performed in numerous shows around Melbourne and has been building a reputation for her bold theatrical style, elaborate costumes and props, and mesmerising stage presence. Her fierce blend of cheeky and twisted eroticism with a dash of absurdity leaves the audience gasping every time.

Little Skink also enjoys collaboration and production, having produced and performed in the Dangerous Dames Halloween Fundraiser last year, and the Coco Poco Loco Burlesque show for the Burning Man Festival in the U.S.  She was also selected to appear with the Bottoms Up! Troupe at the Gangsters Ball and the Burlesque Against Breast Cancer Charity Fundraiser in 2012. Little Skink finds absolute joy in challenging herself to produce unconventional acts that surprise, tantalise, and connect with the audience in a dynamic way. Whether making seemingly sweet things turn wicked, or slipping into something a little more monstrous, Little Skink will serve you a daring and scintillating feast.


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