Alyssa Kitt: Sydney

She’s fierce, formidable and a feminist fatale, Miss Alyssa Kitt is a dream machine made of curves and cream. This powerhouse of burlesque is known for her cascading strawberry blonde locks, brain-melting decadence and scintillatingly searing gaze. Recently returned from competing for the title of Miss Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Performing burlesque since 2008, Alyssa has more than a few accolades under her pasties. Recently voted 39th in the world on 21st Century Burlesque’s top 50 favourite burlesque industry figures, as well as touring the nation as an Australian burlesque festival headliner. In 2015, she competed in the ‘Best Debut’ category at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, in front of an audience of the many of the living legends of burlesque.

She’s a bonafide veteran of the Miss Burlesque Australia competition, involved since it’s inception in 2010 she has performed, won various titles, been a grand final judge and produces the Queensland competition. Her titles include Miss Burlesque Australia first runner up in 2014, Miss Classic MBA (2012, 2014) and is the only two-time winner of Miss Burlesque Queensland (2014, 2012). Alyssa is the producer of the Miss Burlesque Queensland competition and is the co-producer of ‘Bitch Stole My Act’ alongside Bella de Jac. 

Her work in burlesque extends off the stage – as a trained historian, journalist and editor, Alyssa is working on preserving Australia’s history of striptease as the curator for research with the Australian Burlesque Museum and is the Editor-in-Chief of the recently launched Australian Burlesque Journal. She is a regular contributor to 21st Century Burlesque online and is developing some exciting research projects combining her training in media representation, feminist discourse and sexuality.


Photo credit: KTB

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