Ben Noir: Sydney

You may have seen him as acrobatic flash across the screen in the hit film Moulin Rouge, or one of the first performers to fly across the stadium in the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony. 
Since then Ben Noir, a multitalented singer, actor, acrobat, cabaret, and burlesque performer, has performed all over the world. 
Western Australian born, Ben attended both WAAPA for musical theatre and NIDA for acting which brought him to Sydney. A highly accomplished singer, with a unique voice, an extraordinary vocal range and a performance style that crosses many genres, he is versatile artist he succeeds with both drama and comedy. His most special talent is the connection with his audience, who experience a performance that is always engaging, entertaining and inclusive from this charismatic artist. His career highlights include descending the AMP tower with physical theatre company Legs on the Wall for their Olympic arts Festival show “Homelands” and wowing audiences in Brisbane with circus theatre company Circa (formerly Rock n Roll Circus). He was also short-listed for Cirque du Soleil for future castings. 
He successfully auditioned for the television round of 2013 and 14`s Australia`s Got Talent unable to participate due to overseas work engagements where he performed at “Duckies” at the Vauxhall tavern in London – the same stage featured in the recent Absolutely Fabulous film- as well as a return to performances in Paris and Geneva.
His foray into Burlesque began at the Paris Burlesque Festival 2012 where his opera singing handstand striptease left the Paris audiences gasping for more. Last year he wowed audiences in Canada at the Montreal Burlesque Festival 2016 with his sensational act “Burlesque at the Opera”.
He was also crowned “Best Male Performer” for the 2016 short and sweet festival for the hilarious accordion playing, striptease act – “A Man and his Organ”.

Facebook: @Bennoirburlesque
Instagram: benpal79

 Photo credit: Sam Gatsby

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