Camilla Cream: Melbourne

The girl next door with a whole lot more, and then some!

Born of the same shell as Botticelli’s Venus and more bananas than Josephine Baker, Camilla Cream is a cheeky performer who has peeled off her gloves and shimmied her way into audiences hearts.

Whether it be singing a Little Mermaid parody, becoming an Ice Cream Sundae or tapping a tribute to the seductive Ava Gardner, Camilla will make audiences all over cream with laughter and excitement. But her signature prop is her large feather fans. She has wowed audiences all over Australia with these floating beauties. Camilla also has her own World Record: The Most Fans Used Simultaneously in a Burlesque Performance and has headlined shows interstate numerous times; including the Adelaide Fringe Festival, High Brow at the Low Brow (Canberra) and Big Bang Burlesque (Sunshine Coast).

One half of Cherries and Cream Productions and one half of Platinum Honey, Camilla keeps herself busy by entertaining the Australian public and supporting her fellow professionals whenever she can.

This witty and whimsical woman’s dance abilities, along with her sugary sweet voice and charming character, make Camilla Cream a performer to look out for!


Photo credit: 42nd Street Photography

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