Ella va Thyme: Melbourne

Have you heard of Ella va Thyme?
Historians investigating her have been ridiculed and banned from publishing their research! The enigmatic story supposedly begins in 1910 when Ella va Thyme discovered the freedom of self-expression and the joy of dance. She then began to transform herself and reject restraints placed upon her. It has been theorised, such a dramatic uprising of spirit from a woman caused a crack in time and space itself! From there on she has been recorded throughout time causing havoc and doing her best to shake up society – with as many shimmies as possible! Mysteriously, she never appears to age, and her movement never loses its vigour.
Recently, she has been sighted again! Rumour has it she performed last year at the Bottoms Up! Burlesque and Pole School solo showcase “Le Petite Scandal” here in Melbourne. She has also performed in 2017 as part of the Cheese Girls Variety Season at The Butterfly Club.
Despite performing in modern times, she stays true to her vintage aesthetic. She is thrilled to entertain the audience with her highly energetic, fiercely fun and cheeky routines. You can see this time-bending, boundary-pushing character in the flesh at the Australian Burlesque Festival.
She is destined to dance her way through every decade! Leaving a trail of sequins and socio-political change behind her! Where will she end up next?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ellavathyme/

Photo credit: 3 Fates Media

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