Frank’ n Twist: New Zealand

Frank’n’Twist are Glamilton’s (Hamilton, NZ) power burlesque couple, who made their debut at the New Zealand Burlesque Festival in 2015. Pixie Twist (Twist) grew up in a small Bible-belt town in north New Zealand. She discovered the joy of sarcasm and ‘scandal’ early, and her delight in being a subversive little tart has only intensified as she’s gotten older. Her neo-style ranges from overtly insubordinate to downright cheeky, and she struggles to take anything too seriously- especially herself. You’re unlikely to catch this twisted ginger pixie in heels, (or any other kind of shoes for that matter!) as you can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm outta the girl: the kiwi tradition of going barefoot is strong in this one. She’s inspired by Dirty Martini, whom she was able to perform with in 2015 on the Miss Burlesque New Zealand Tour.
Mr B Frank (Frank) is known as the Grand Daddy of NZ Boylesque, the first kiwi bloke to swap his gumboots for sequins. As a young man, Frank was a competitive Latin American Ballroom dancer, and a national title holder. He was a Sir Edmund Hillary scholar of Dance at the University of Waikato from 2011-2013. His burlesque style is pretty eclectic, born from a desire to do burlesque, but with no role model at hand. Mr B Frank is inspired by Tigger!, Johnny Pork Pie, and the Stage Door Johnnies.
In 2014 Mr B Frank was crowned King of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival. When someone goes and puts a crown on your lover, things are bound to get a little competitive around the house. He may wear the crown, but who wears the pants?

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Photo credit: David Rowe

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