Penelope Pop: Perth

“Well hey there, cutie! It’s Penelope Pop!”
This shimmy shaking showgirl loves the spotlight and boy does it love her. Just one pop of Penelope’s cork and she’ll have your head in a spin. She’s the bubbliest, sweetest treat on two feet and you’ll love her ’til the last drop.
Dance crazy Penelope Pop has performed Jazz, tap and classical ballet since she was only four years old. She began going to Sugar Blue Burlesque courses in 2010 and fell in love with all things vintage and pretty. She is now a troupe member and teacher at Sugar Blue Burlesque, Perth’s premier Burlesque troupe.
Penelope Pop has a passion for the sixties and loves to go-go! A member of the Les Sataniques go-go troupe, she used to groove in the cages at the late Devilles Pad nightclub.

Instagram: penelope.pop

Photo credit: David Woolley

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