Rainbow: Canberra

Rainbow by name and nature this full bloomed rose knows how to shimmy, bump and grind like an untended coffee grinder! Recently described by one of the judges at Burlesque Idol 2017 Grand Final as ridiculous in all the right ways, this classically trained performer stumbled across burlesque while attempting to find a fitness class with pizzazz (and jazz hands). Since then she has grown as a performer developing skills with feather and silk fans.
Since being voted by the audience as runner up in 2016 Canberra Burlesque Idol, Rainbow has sashayed her way across venues in Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong performing in the Alice in Wonderland Party with Jazida, Shaken and Stirred, Secret Soiree, Females on Form, Like a Virgin and the Comedy Burlesque Hour. Her acts are known for their originality and fun choreography. Described as a ‘sparkly cannon of chaos’, Rainbow is a diverse performer skilled in jazz dance, ballet and a smidgen of contemporary. Recently she competed and won the Burlesque Idol Australia 2017 Grand Final where she was also awarded the prize for best comedic act. Currently she has been learning hat juggling which is doing wonders for her fadobadahs (chicken wings).

Photo credit: The Den Photography

Website: https://www.facebook.com/RainbowBurlesque/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RainbowBurlesque/
Instagram: @therainbowrainbow

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