Tiffany Blue: Sydney

With an elegant sass, Tiffany Blue puts the sparkle in seduction! Vivaciously versatile she loves the old school, the new school and everything in between!
Formerly based in Canberra, now found in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, this world traveling Australian tease artist has been performing since 2010. She has graced the stage of the Australian Burlesque Festival from 2011 for five years running, performed and hosted shows interstate and internationally most recently performing in Cabaret Roulette in London and hosting Cabaret Nova at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Tiffany founded the Sass and Tease Collective in Canberra and produced, performed and hosted multiple shows in the ACT.
Tiffany Blue’s style is an evolving mix of classic and neo burlesque elements, equally capable of seducing and surprising. She is decadent and elegant, with a classic charm and a kooky kick. Technically excellent and using character to great effect, she is never quite what you expect, but gives the audience everything they could possibly want.

Twitter: @MsTiffanyBlue
Instagram: misstiffanyblue

Photo credit: Joel Devereux

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