Sydney Workshops



15 October 2017

Connections Studios Sydney
Level 1, 103 Foveaux Steet,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Tel: 0401 660 681



$10 discount if all five workshops booked.

Private tuition available but spots limited. To enquire or book a private lesson with our headliners click here: PRIVATE TUITION

La Viola Vixen : ‘Bump n Grind’
Class Description: Learn the basics of the bump, grind and shimmy with La Viola Vixen! Focusing on strong powerful movements, this class will teach you how to really feel your grinds and deliver them with fierceness on stage(or off!) Viola will teach you the movements of this style, the walks and poses of Golden Age burlesque and then put them together in a mini routine. The class will also include a core-strength warm-up, necessary for nailing a proper bump n grind!
What to Bring/Wear: Comfortable clothing for dancing i.e singlet & tights or leotard and dancing shoes.
Level: Open, no experience necessary
Time: 1000am to 1130am
Cost: $50 plus booking fee

Honey B Goode: Dancing With Depth
Class Description:
This class will cover the basics, but with that little added extra.  Do you want to add an extra dimension to your dance?  Want to know how to bump, grind and shake, but also add your own personal flavour to it? While learning the traditional techniques of bump and grind and jazz dance, we’ll explore how to add character, comedy and personality, and the most important element of all, your face, to your moves.  Using a modern soundtrack, Honey will teach you how to dance with your whole body, and lift your performance to a new level of awesome.
What to Bring/Wear: Comfy clothes you can easily move in, low dance heels, water, and a willingness to play
Level: Open, no experience necessary
: 1130am to 1300pm
Cost: $50 plus booking fee

Bettie Bombshell: Learn to Fosse and All That Jazz
Class Description:
 Have you ever seen Cabaret? Sweet Charity? All that Jazz? If you have you know about Fosse, if you haven’t heard of this legendary artist, listen up! This class will celebrate the iconic style that changed the way the world saw dance on the stage, and in film. The eye catching and highly entertaining dance is sexual, provocative, humorous, and so much fun! Fosse’s trademark choreographic style included sexually suggestive forward hip-thrusts; the vaudeville humor of hunched shoulders and turned-in feet; the amazing, mime-like articulation of hands. He often dressed his dancers in black and put them in white gloves and derbies, recalling the image of Charlie Chaplin. He incorporated all the tricks of vaudeville that he had learned. 
What to Bring/Wear: Comfortable fabulous clothing you can dance in! Dance heels (nothing too high).
Level: Suitable for beginners through to advanced level.
Time: 1300pm to 230pm
Cost: $50 plus booking fee

Ruby Slippers: Cheat Your Face
Class Description:
 If you’re anything like Ruby Slippers, then you’re a showgirl on the go, gurl! Learn to turn a face on a dime that’s stage ready and easy to build on when you’re not so time poor. Get fast, furious, and fabulous in this 90 minute workshop with a striking look that packs a punch for stage, hostessing, and trips to the supermarket. No prior experience required! There will be glitter.
What to Bring/Wear: Bring: -Your makeup base, blush and contours -liquid eyeliner -lip liners, eye pencils, brow products -eyeshadow (bright colours welcome!) -lashes and glue -GLITTER (Ruby will have plenty too!)
Level: Open, no experience necessary
Time: 230pm to 400pm
Cost: $50 plus booking fee

Elena Gabrielle: Comedy, Character & Face for Neo-Burlesque
Class Description:
 Taking an actors approach to character development and stage presence, learn different styles and techniques of movement, voice and facial expressions for Burlesque performance. Using elements from her acting, clowning and dance training from Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) as well as 8 years working professionally in the Cabaret/Burlesque scene both in Australia and Internationally, Elena presents an entertaining and energetic workshop for anyone starting out in Burlesque or those with years of experience. So get prepared to get your face and your cheeky on in this super fun workshop.
What to Bring/Wear: Heels, water and a towel
Level: Beginner to advanced
Time: 400pm to 530pm
Cost: $50 plus booking fee

Terms & Conditions
1. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason such as change of mind, unable to attend, for medical/personal reasons or lateness.
2. Please arrive 10 minutes before class commences and quietly wait outside until the workshop prior is complete. Do not enter the studio if there is a workshop.
3. All students are responsible for ensuring they are medically fit to attend the class. ABF is not responsible for injury. Please let the instructor know if you have an injury or medical condition.
4. Instructors retain copyright for all content taught in the workshops. Cannot be used for commercial or public use without the instructors consent. 
5. ABF is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Please make sure you take all items with you after the workshop.
6. Please leave promptly when the workshop finishes as there are other workshops immediately after.
7. No photos are allowed during the workshops unless the instructor has approved the shot. All students will be encouraged to join in the group shot at the end of the workshop.
8. If an instructor is unable to attend the workshop then a suitable substitute teacher may fill in that workshop. If not the workshop fee, excluding credit card/booking fee will be refunded. 
9. All workshops will incur a booking fee (credit card, Paypal). No bank transfer available.