Imogen Kelly: Miss Exotic World 2012

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ABF Directors Cut!!

Imogen Kelly Caveboy Studios queen smileThis is my very first post on The Australian Burlesque Festival blog page and I want to aim high with a tribute to Imogen Kelly. I will be posting a blog on artists who inspire me each week.

I have known Imogen Kelly for a number of years now and can safely say she is my friend, colleague, mentor, confidant and ally. We have shared the stage so many times, giggled backstage, had passionate discussions about burlesque and confided in each other from time to time. I respect Imogen for her commitment, professionalism, community spirit and dedication to the arts. She is an exceptional artist, a wonderful mother and a shining light to many, even when she has had personal struggles.

Known across the world as Miss Exotic World 2012, the first and only Australian Burlesque Star to win the prestigious ‘Queen of Burlesque’ BHoF award. Such a well deserved accolade for the years of hard work and dedication to burlesque. Our Queen of Burlesque!!

Imogen is well respected, loved and admired across Australia and internationally. She represents our community through her talented stage shows, her commitment to preserving our history and her strong values. She is a valuable asset to burlesque and the arts in general.

ABF is lucky enough to have her support all these years. She is performing again in 2015 and its such a honour.

Catch Imogen Kelly in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

Cheers Dolores Daiquiri

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