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Luna Eclipse (Adelaide, SA)

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Born into a family of dancers, musicians, and general stage flaunters, Luna Eclipse was born to be in the spotlight. She spent her youth prancing about on stage to a smattering of polite applause, only to discover in her womanhood the thunderous applause that awaited her in the world of burlesque.

Combining her studies in bellydancing, swing dancing, vintage jazz, contemporary dance and theatre, Luna Eclipse creates shows of grace, rhythm and movement. She also has her finger in many, erm, pies, teaching swing dancing, bellydancing and burlesque,as well as producing shows and the odd spot of modelling.


Nominated “Best Australian Burlesque Industry Trailblazer 2012” as part of the Eros Shine Awards.

Miss Burlesque Adelaide 2010

Miss Tassel Twirl 2010

People’s Choice SA at The Busties 2012

Part of Best Duo at The Busties 2012


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Briana Bluebell (Sydney, NSW)

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Glamour.  Class.  Elegance. These words are synonymous with Miss Burlesque Australia 2012 Briana Bluebell.  A true showgirl and Burlesque Artiste at heart.  Ultra-feminine, her classic looks hark back to the red carpet Hollywood actresses of old reincarnating the likes of Vivien Leigh, Audrey Hepburn and Ann Miller exuding the same sassy wit and charm.


Invited to perform at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas taking place in May 2012, Briana is a well-known performer in the industry both locally and internationally.  Her shows are of epic proportion with all aspects covered down to the tiniest sequined detail! With her porcelain skin, chocolate colored locks and burning blue eyes Briana is simply enchanting onstage.


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Memphis Mae (Sydney, NSW)

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Sydney Burlesque performer, MC and Producer Memphis Mae is well known at establishments Gallery Burlesque, Dr Sketchy’s & 34B. Memphis Mae is breaking boundaries and pushing audiences out of their comfort zones to bring a new level of interactive burlesque and MCing.

Memphis is creator and part of Sydney dance troupe The Big Spenders who are Bella Louche, Rosie Rivette, Bridie. Also performing in an acrobatic duo with Tim Kent bringing sass, comedy and romance to the stage. Memphis produces and MC’s her own show, Mr Falcons Presents Burlesque.

Mr Falcons is a small Burlesque and Variety event that has hosted performers by the likes of Betty Grumble, Raven Boylesque, Rita Fontaine and many more.

Memphis is co-producer at Per-Verse Productions, a company that provides a space where performers can bring their art to life whether it be Burlesque, spoken word, music and circus. Per-Verse has produced a one off Valentines day Fetish show, Valentimes: A strange love Cabaret and now producing ‘Crown Street Tease’ – An intimate evening of Burlesque, Dinner and a show.

Memphis is now known in the community for her bold, Ill-mannered and often vulgar MC style being deemed ‘The Queen of Crude.

Winner of the Miss Burlesque Australia Heats 2013 Memphis will now compete in the NSW finals in March.

Inspired by all things glamour Memphis’s performances are anything but traditional, so those looking for that same old Burlesque experience shouldn’t even bother turning up because this is one girl who doesn’t like to disappoint. Think retro rock goddess meets 1950’s Stepford wife and you’ll only just begin to scrape the surface of what Memphis Mae has to offer.

Vivian Marlowe (Perth, WA)

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A vivacious red head from Perth, Western Australia, Vivian Marlowe has been performing for over three years and has written and starred  in successful shows in Perth Fringe World and acts over in the Eastern states. Specialising in  classic tease but with usually a kitschy twist, Vivian Marlowe is proof that the most explosive dynamite comes in the small packages!


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Venus Vamp (Sydney, NSW)

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Venus Vamp is Sydney’s “Dark Princess of Burlesque”. A showgirl priestess who concocts spellbinding shows of vintage decadence and carnivalesque delights.

She has danced all over Australia since 2006, with career highlights including Perth Burlesque Festival 2012, Australian Burlesque Festival 2011, Adelaide Fringe 2012, Sydney and Melbourne Fringe 2011, Art and About Launch 2011 and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras both 2011 and 2012. As well as producing popular touring show “Anything Goes Cabaret” and Halloween burlesque specials “Creepshow Sideshow” 2011 and “Night of the Stripping Dead” 2012.

With an vast array of acts and themes up her chiffon sleeves, Venus specialises on the darker sider of life. Experience what this burlesque dancer has created but do watch out : this Vamp has bite!


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