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ABF Applications 2016 – How to be successful with your application

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ABF Tips: Dos and Don’ts!


Announcements will be made via the ABF website or social media.

* Fill out each section of the form correctly. The reason we ask for particular information from performers is it assists with the review process.

* Read ALL of the information provided, especially the ‘Terms & Conditions’. If available for download make sure you keep an electronic copy or print.

* Make sure you apply with your best work or acts that are suitable for the show/s you are applying for.

* Make sure you read the show outline so you apply for the right show/s. Some performers are not successful as they apply for unsuitable shows.

* If you are a new performer with less than 2 years experience consider applying for Baby Bombshells. If you think you have a stronger act apply for the most appropriate event. You can apply for more than one show, even if you pick Baby Bombshells as well.

* Your bio should represent who you are as a performer. While you can embellish, bios that don’t really highlight your actual performance history may not contribute to overall success.  Think of it as CV for a job interview.

* Try to apply with at least two solid acts that will enable a higher success rate. It the act is in development you MUST explain in full what the act is. Applying with more than one act in development may cause an unsuccessful outcome.

* Tell us a little bit more about yourself as a performer. It is great that you may have plenty of awards or accolades or you have performed at x amount of shows but these don’t necessarily equate to a successful application. ABF wants to know about your performance style, your most standout shows and ability to shine on stage.

* Footage is extremely important, especially if a new act or the producer has not seen you perform or it is in development. Showreels, while they are fun to watch don’t always capture the act you are applying with. An act can be filmed in a studio if you have not got live footage. Anything will help gain a successful application.

* Pay the administration registration fee as soon as you complete the application form to ensure it is accepted.

* Try not to leave filling out the form to the last minute. You are guaranteed to miss something.

* If you need too please ask questions before you apply. That way ABF can provide as much information to the performer as possible so you complete the form correctly.

* Be diverse with the acts you submit.

* If you have not been successful previously it does not mean you will not be successful this year. Every ABF is different so give it a go as you never know!

* ABF encourages diversity so all genres will be reviewed such as classic burlesque, neo, unique, queer, dark, drag, circus, boylesque, cabaret, variety, comedy, singers, pole, magic and so on. If you have an act that might suit the festival them please apply. Be mindful that acts over 8 minutes cannot be accepted due to time restrictions for the shows.

* If successful upload your music and photos as soon as requested. ABF needs these for marketing and formatting.

* Make sure you respond to all correspondence in a timely manner. ABF may need to query an act or a particular aspect of your application form via email.

Break a leg as they say in showbiz!! All applications are reviewed thoroughly and objectively. 



The Australian Burlesque School

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Just a little reminder that Term 11 starts on Monday 20 April for Burlesque Essentials and Showgirl Sensations.

The classes are filling up so if you have not enrolled please book your spot soon.

For those that are starting or wish to start or continue please go to the booking links below for the ‘Class Description’. No experience necessary. All welcome!

Burlesque Essentials: This is a beginners class for those that are keen to learn a fun classic burlesque routine. Ideal for beginners.…/burl…/evs54f38d150e2a5/

Showgirl Sensations: This is a beginners class for those that are keen to learn some burlesque but with a showgirl exercise component.…/show…/evs54f3caf0134f1/

Please make sure you wear something easy to move/dance in.

Students who book into Term 11 will have the opportunity to perform the routine in front of a live audience on the 14 June at The Australian Burlesque Festival. There is no obligation at all. You can just attend the class if you do not wish to perform on a stage.

This is the show.…/baby-bombshells/

Hope to see you on Monday. Please email me if you have any questions at all.

Cheers Dolores

PS: For those that refer a friend that enrols in the 6 weeks course, you will receive a 10% discount. To redeem you must email the details of your friend who you referred.


Burlesque Hall of Fame! Go Aussies!!

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The Australian Burlesque Festival would like to congratulate all the Australian performers who were excepted into The Burlesque Hall of Fame Competition coming up early June 2015.

BHoF is a prestigious burlesque event held in Vegas that showcases and highlights exceptional performers from around the world. We are lucky that five of our Aussie guys and gals will be participating.

You can see these artists performing in a number of ABF Shows across Australia in June 2015. Check out the ‘Performer and Events’ pages on the ABF website  for details.

Sina King: Miss Exotic World

Alyssa Kitt: Debut

Charlie D Barkle: Boylesque

Zelia Rose: Debut

Imogen Kelly: Icons & All Stars

To help get Sina King to BHoF she needs our help. Check out these amazing prints she has up for sale. All proceeds will go towards her costs.


Imogen Kelly: Miss Exotic World 2012

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ABF Directors Cut!!

Imogen Kelly Caveboy Studios queen smileThis is my very first post on The Australian Burlesque Festival blog page and I want to aim high with a tribute to Imogen Kelly. I will be posting a blog on artists who inspire me each week.

I have known Imogen Kelly for a number of years now and can safely say she is my friend, colleague, mentor, confidant and ally. We have shared the stage so many times, giggled backstage, had passionate discussions about burlesque and confided in each other from time to time. I respect Imogen for her commitment, professionalism, community spirit and dedication to the arts. She is an exceptional artist, a wonderful mother and a shining light to many, even when she has had personal struggles.

Known across the world as Miss Exotic World 2012, the first and only Australian Burlesque Star to win the prestigious ‘Queen of Burlesque’ BHoF award. Such a well deserved accolade for the years of hard work and dedication to burlesque. Our Queen of Burlesque!!

Imogen is well respected, loved and admired across Australia and internationally. She represents our community through her talented stage shows, her commitment to preserving our history and her strong values. She is a valuable asset to burlesque and the arts in general.

ABF is lucky enough to have her support all these years. She is performing again in 2015 and its such a honour.

Catch Imogen Kelly in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

Cheers Dolores Daiquiri

Salon Boudoir – Burlesque & Cabaret Revue!

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Produced by Dolores Daiquiri

Date: 7 December

Venue: The Eureka Hotel 1 Church St Richmond

Time: 8pm

Price: $20

 Salon Boudoir – Burlesque & Cabaret Revue!

Salon Boudoir is an exciting burlesque and cabaret revue consisting of burlesque showgirls, cabaret divas and vaudeville vamps!! A vintage-flavoured, glamorous and decadent showcase of classic burlesque, comedic antics, songstresses and cabaret delights. The cast is star studded with some of the best in the country.

Why not celebrate with Salon Boudoir during the festive season. Bring your friends, colleagues or anyone who likes there entertainment stirred with a twist of sophistication. Perfect for Xmas events, work functions, Hen’s Nights, Special Occasions or just a night out with friends.

Cast: Sheena Miss Demeanour, Kelly Ann Doll, Dolores Daiquiri, Poppy Cherry, Zelia Rose & Bettie Bombshell, Caterina Vitt

Mistress of Ceremonies: Aurora Sheehan

Stage Darlings: Lucky Dip, Eden Savage

Fabulous menu available in the dining area. They have a fabulous selection of food.

Dine before you eat then see the show.

03 9429 1978

Show enquiries: