The Australian Burlesque Festival
Scholarship Program

The Australian Burlesque Festival recognises the rich history of its art form and that it simply would not exist without the enduring spirit of BIPOC, the LGBTQIA+ community as well as persons from diverse backgrounds, abilities and body types. These marginalised communities fought for spaces to create new styles of performance and empowered self-expression and challenged systemic perceptions of beauty, art and autonomy.

We recognise that Burlesque stages haven’t always reflected the true diversity of our community and we are passionate about changing that. Our Scholarship Program will celebrate and aid individuals from the aforementioned groups who through circumstance, discrimination, inequity or any other number of barriers and/or impediments, have not been afforded the same opportunities as other performers as a result of the adversities they have faced.

The Scholarship recipient will be decided on by a representative team of performers from the aforementioned communities/groups in consultation with the Australian Burlesque Festival Senior Management team.