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Brisbane Workshops


Sunday 29th, October 2023


Paddington Play Centre

10 Moreton St Paddington QLD



Ferri Maya

Workshop 2

The Art of Floor Work

11:05am to 12:05pm

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About Workshop

This workshop is for those wanting to explore and expand their floor work. From leg waves to shoulder rolls, from getting down and getting up. This class will work around your strengths and abilities which makes it beginner friendly.




Safe Floor Work

Who Is This Workshop For?

Absolutely Everybody

What Attendees Need To Bring/Wear?

Water Bottle, Knee Pads, Heels & Fabulous You

About Ferri

Ferri Maya is not only an internationally crowned Burlesque Performer, she is also a teacher and mentor.
Ferri Maya is a registered dance and theatre teacher who has mentored students to start their careers in dance and theatre after they graduate. Ferri Maya has a Certificate Three in commercial dance and theatre, a Bachelor of Arts in Performance, and a Diploma of Education, and has started her thesis on inclusion in dance and safe dance practice.
Ferri Maya is a Burlesque teacher at bottoms up where she teachers her own brand of burlesque, Burlyrock. This is taught from a beginner level to an advanced.

While Ferri Maya lived in Sydney, Burlyrock was taught under sky sirens and she expanded her teaching into floor work, chair, and stretch.

Burlyrock has been taught by Ferri Maya Australia-wide, where she has sold out every workshop that’s been listed. Ferri Maya is a proud mentor to students around Australia and America where she helps build confidence and knowledge in her students so they can work toward debuting their first solo. Ferri Maya also mentors seasoned artists and builds their confidence in gaze and stillness as well as teaching them dance safety when it comes to floor work and technique.

Ferri Maya believes every artist should have a mentor, just like every sports team needs a coach. Ferri has been consistently mentored by Ginger Valentine, which has helped shape Ferri into the performer and teacher she is today.


Workshop 4

Can CanCan!

1:15pm to 2:15pm

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About Workshop

A dance workshop for people keen on learning the cancan, a lively risqué dance of French or Algerian origin that was first performed in Parisian dance halls in the 1830s and in modern times is usually performed on stage by a chorus line of female dancers.

In this workshop we will focus on signature cancan moves (yes, there will be high kicks, energetic balletic running and lots of strategic screaming.) You will also learn a fun cancan choreography.




The workshop is focused on dance and high-energy movement associated with the cancan.

There will also be screaming and a lot of noise!

Who Is This Workshop For?

Absolutely Everybody

What Attendees Need To Bring/Wear?

Attendees are encouraged to comfortable exercise clothes that enable them to kick and turn with ease; a circle skirt or petticoat if you have one.

You can wear dance heels, ballet flats or bare feet – whatever is most comfortable.

About Rainbow

Rainbow is an award-winning burlesque artist based in Newcastle, Australia.

She often incorporates fan veils into her award-winning solo burlesque work.

Known for her stage presence, originality and technique, Rainbow has quickly become a sought after performer at local and national events and is a headliner with this year’s Australian Burlesque Festival.


Workshop 5

Slink & Slay

2:30pm to 3:20pm

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About Workshop

Fierce heels floor choreography

Slithery, fierce & fluid floor based choreography, with a dark, moody vibe. Sparkarella’s signature style. Featuring Technique, nuances, tricks, leg-werk. Slink all over & around the floor, slay with a fierce floor vibe.

Students will learn a short floor choreography along with slink & slay technique




floor work, featuring signature Sparkarella technique, leg-werk, tricks & nuances.

Who Is This Workshop For?

Absolutely Everybody

What Attendees Need To Bring/Wear?

Heels preferred, but can be done in barefoot/socks, kneepads, always dress to impress!

About Sparkarella

Sparkarella is a unique performer with a fierce & fluid vibe.

Slink & Slay is Sparkarella’s signature floor work class.

You will learn a style different to any learned before, which will add & elevate your floorwork repertoire and give you a new outlook on fierce, fluid floor work!

Tash York

Workshop 3

Emcee like you mean it!

12:10pm to 1:10pm

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About Workshop

It may seem like the most daunting job in the world but as Tash has discovered it is the most valuable. Ever wanted to try out some of your excellent (dad) jokes and lead an audience through a night of fun and frivolity… well Wilkoment, Bienvenue.. Welcome!

In this workshop discover what it means to develop your own Emcee persona either based on a character or ramp up your own onstage confidence to get yourself onto the mic. Schticks, tricks and the ability to transfix will be covered as you delve into the world of what it means to make the “Show go on ”.

Everything including Mic technique, preshow prep, audience connection, persona profiling and show safety will be covered in this session.




Hosting Shows

Who Is This Workshop For?

Aspiring Emcees

What Attendees Need To Bring/Wear?

Laptop and Dad Jokes

About Tash

As a self made producer/performer, Tash has made a lot of her own success in the independent scene with her keen sense of business acumen and willingness to learn everything about producing a show.

She has a background in Publicity and Marketing services which she tailors and designs for other independent artists to help encourage them to share their art with as many people as possible.

She worked as the marketing coordinator for the Butterfly Club pre-pandemic, and she has continued to do this with her own mentoring sessions in both the producing and creative space.

ABF prides itself on providing a safe and inclusive space for our teachers and students. We do not tolerate harassment, bullying, racism, homophobia, sexism or any kind of disrespect towards our teachers, students and staff.

Anyone found to be engaging in the above behaviour will be asked to leave the workshops immediately.

Refund Policy

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason including but not limited to:
• change of mind
• missing part or all of an Australian Burlesque Festival event due to late arrival
• unable to attend due to medical/personal reasons*
*Refunds will only be considered due to extenuating circumstances related to Covid-19 – specifically where the Australian Federal and/or State Government authorities mandate an official change/upgrade in regulations and restrictions regarding social distancing and/or large event and large group gatherings.

Please arrive 10 minutes before class commences and quietly wait outside until the workshop prior is complete. Do not enter the studio if there is a workshop.

All students are responsible for ensuring they are medically fit to attend the class. ABF is not responsible for injury. Please let the instructor know if you have an injury or medical condition.

Instructors retain copyright for all content taught in the workshops. Cannot be used for commercial or public use without the instructors consent.

ABF is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Please make sure you take all items with you after the workshop.

Please leave promptly when the workshop finishes as there are other workshops immediately after.

No photos are allowed during the workshops unless the instructor has approved the shot. All students will be encouraged to join in the group shot at the end of the workshop.

If an instructor is unable to attend the workshop then a suitable substitute teacher may fill in that workshop. If not the workshop fee, excluding credit card/booking fee will be refunded.

All workshops will incur a booking fee (credit card, Paypal). No bank transfer available.