Fans & Tease (Sydney)


Are you a bud­ding bur­lesque artist and want to learn fem­in­ine tra­di­tional classic tease?

– Fan tech­nique & move­ment – fram­ing, con­ceal­ing, revealing

– Subtle Art of Tease — strut­ting, pos­ing, bump n’ grind, glove peel, remov­ing a gar­ment and more

– Stage pres­ence — audi­ence inter­ac­tion, facial expres­sion, body pos­ture & move­ment, ‘work­ing it’!

– Cos­tumes — what to wear to get the ‘wow’ factor!!

(Stu­dents will be taught a fun basic bur­lesque routine whilst learn­ing the above)

  • When: Sat­urday 28th of May, 1pm — 2.15pm
  • Where: Blush Dance School, 8C/Alice Street, Newtown, NSW
  • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • What to bring: Long gloves, two small feather fans or equivalent
  • What to wear: Cor­set, stock­ings, hair access­ory, frilly knick­ers and heels, Workout attire – leg­gings, heels, top
  • Cost: $30 class only, $50 gloves and fans provided


Class Options

Teacher Bio:

Dolores Dai­quiri has been at the fore­front of the bur­lesque revival in Aus­tralia for about 10 years and is con­sidered a ‘tease’ sen­sa­tion on the stage!! Dolores star­ted her career as part of Melbourne’s first bur­lesque troupe and then in 2009 went solo.

Her acts are not only seduct­ive, clas­sic, tra­di­tional and soph­ist­ic­ated they are drip­ping with vin­tage flair and glam­our of a high standard.

Dolores prides her­self in design­ing qual­ity bur­lesque acts which she has per­formed in many, many show­cases and high-end events over the years. Along with per­form­ing Dolores has cre­ated a myriad of pro­duc­tions and spe­cial events. These include Aus­tralian Bur­lesque Fest­ival, Shimmy Shake & Red Door Bur­lesque to name a few.

Teach­ing is her next adven­ture and is a nat­ural trans­ition for Dolores as she has a vast amount of exper­i­ence both on and off stage as a per­former, pro­du­cer and mentor. She com­menced her teach­ing endeav­our whilst in Paris 2010 where she was invited as a spe­cial guest to con­duct a VIP Bur­lesque Masterclass.

Watch out for Dolores Dai­quiri as her reg­u­lar classes will com­mence late 2011!