ABF does NOT accept acts that are culturally appropriative, insensitive and offensive. We respect all cultures, ethnicities, gender, body types and ages. ABF is body positive, inclusive and diverse. We respect ourย traditional peoples.

*If you are a BIPOC performer you do NOT have to pay the application fee.*

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the T&Cs forย general information, particularly regarding invoicing for local and internationalย performers.

ABF Show Schedule โ€“ 29 September to 6 November 2021

New Follies Revue
Competition, newer performers, less than three years experience.

Starlite Frolics, Big Time Burlesque, Striptease Hold-Up!, Striptease Strut & Dreamland Revue:
All levels of experience but must have professional acts.

Le Grande Burlesk, The Big Tease Soiree, Tempest Tease, Shock-O-Rama & Sparkling Sinners:
Professional performers, more than 3 years experience.

The Blaze Out:
All levels of experience but must have professional acts.
Open to BIPOC and First Nations performers only.

*All acts will be considered on merit.*
**See events page for show descriptions**

The Australian Burlesque Festival

Application Form 2021

Applications open 11 April and close 15 June 2021. No acts in development will be accepted. Please note if you were accepted into the 2020 festival you automatically have a spot in the 2021 events.

Applicants for ‘The Blaze Out’ show have until the 1 July 2021 to apply.