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All applicants who submit an application form to the Australian Burlesque Festival (ABF) must agree to the following Terms & Conditions

**ABF does NOT accept acts that are culturally appropriative, insensitive and/or highly offensive. ABF respects all cultures, ethnicities, gender, body shapes and ages. We accept diversity but will not tolerate any performances that disrespect any of the above.** 

Application Process

All applicants will need to pay a non-refundable processing fee of $16 via Square.

**Exemption for BIPOC performers.**

ABF will notify successful and unsuccessful applicants via e-mail within 15-30 days of closure of applications.

Please contact ABF for further information if clarification is required. Breach of these terms may result in immediate cancellation from the Australian Burlesque Festival schedule and website.

ABF reserves the right to cancel any or all parts of the festival with minimal notice due to Covid-19 restrictions or circumstances outside of their control. Performers will be contacted on an as needed basis should this occur.

If practical, performers may be offered another performance opportunity if a show is cancelled.


Director: Dolores Daiquiri
Phone: 0401 660 681

Payment and Invoices

The Australian Burlesque Festival pays a standard, non-negotiable fee as follows:
International & Local Artists ($AUD) – Solo: $140,  Group: (two or more) $180. Please note stated fees include statutory superannuation contributions.

New Follies is a competition and therefore a non-fee paying show. Each performer will receive a sponsored gift bag or similar as determined by ABF. The winner will have the opportunity to perform at a 2025 show as determined by the Directors. Raw footage and/or one hi res photo are accessible to first, second and third place winners only.

All invoices to be forwarded to

All performers are to send an invoice as per the following timeframes, PDF preferred. Payments will then be processed as per the T&Cs.

Must be sent 14 days prior to the commencement of ABF 2024.
Late invoices cannot be accepted after 15 December 2024 under any circumstances. We highly recommend you forward your invoice as soon as practical to avoid delays.
Invoices received after 30 November 2024 will incur a $50 processing fee.
Invoices must include the following – stage name, legal name, ABN, date and city of performance/s, fee along with full superannuation fund details.
ABF does not pay personal or business GST, PayPal or bank fees. If you do not have an ABN please fill out a Hobbyist Form which you can find online.
Performers will be paid within 30 days following the last day of ABF 2024 regardless of when you performed via direct debit.
ABF is on tour September to October 2024 and may be unable to process payments during this time.
Failure to follow these instructions may result in delayed payment.
The Australian Burlesque Festival does not pay deposits on scheduled acts.
The Australian Burlesque Festival does not pay in advance.
The Australian Burlesque Festival does not pay for travel expenses, hotels or meal allowances.

Public Liability

We highly recommend that all performers must have their own public indemnityinsurance. Details and proof of this may be requested as required.
The performer shall indemnify and not hold ABF liable in the case of any Public Liability Claim brought against them relating to the performer.
The performer agrees that they are liable for and will indemnify ABF against all claims for damage or loss of equipment relating to the performer as a result of traveling to and from the performance venue and conducting the performance.


Correspondence will be via email and/or via a Facebook group. The Facebook group is for general information only. We highly recommend that you join this group to avoid delays in delivery of information. For personal questions or concerns email us at or
It is an expectation that all performers read any correspondence that is related to the festival.
Emails will be answered within five days where possible unless urgent.
All correspondence between the performer and ABF including this agreement is confidential and must not be discussed with a third party before, during or after the festival.
The Australian Burlesque Festival will not tolerate damage, slander or libel which may cause harm or affect the reputation of the festival. This statement can be in writing, spoken words or even pictured.

Artist Passes/Complimentary Tickets

ALL performers will be entitled to an Artist Passto attend festival shows. Artist Passeswill be limited. Performers will be notified at a later date regarding terms.
No complimentary tickets are offered to family or friends. They will need to purchase a ticket.
Friends and family may not be able to sit with you if you have an Artist Pass. We suggest if you want to sit together please purchase a ticket.
If ABF has approved an assistant for your act they will automatically be entitled to a complimentary passto the show they are assisting in only. Non-transferable to family or friends.

Performer Assistants

If you require an assistant during your act they must be approved by ABF prior to or during the application process.
Assistants are only allowed backstage to prep two acts prior to your performance.
Assistants cannot stay backstage after your performance, unless they have to pack down.
Assistants are not entitled to an Artist Pass.


Please be advised that ABF will be photographed and possibly videotaped. By submitting your application and accepting the Terms and Conditionsyou are agreeing to allow ABF to use your images for ongoing promotional usage.
ABF is very mindful of using any photos or footage in a professional and appropriate manner. We are aware of being sensitive to posting partial nude shots, such as pasties. In general we only post photos and footage we can use to promote future events.
The performer with allow photography and videography of their acts during the festival at no extra cost to The Australian Burlesque Festival or official photographers.
The performer will allow any footage and photography from The Australian Burlesque Festival to be used for future promotion and marketing of the festival.
The performer will not allow the ABF watermark to be removed from any images of themselves performing at The Australian Burlesque Festival in any advertising or marketing.
Any photos or footage used from ABF must be credited correctly with the following: The Australian Burlesque Festival, photographer and/or videographer name.
If a performer would like their act filmed or photographed by their own videographer or photographer they must submit a request prior to commencement of the festival and is subject to approval at the sole discretion of ABF.


A DropBox upload link has been provided in the application form
Performer images provided should be high resolution (minimum 300dpi) jpg or png files suitable for print or media (i.e. no nudity) clearly labelled with the performers name and photographer credit e.g. Miss example, Photographer Name.jpg.
We suggest images with a white or dark background for media, as busyimages are often not accepted.
Images uploaded with out correct photographer credit will not be used.
You must hold the correct rights to any image submitted.


A file request will be sent via DropBox to successful applicants at a later date to upload music.
Music files must submitted as one complete track and labelled correctly with your stage name and show/s you are performing in (missexample, Melbourne.mp3). All tracks must be included if a mix down.
Once provided music cannot be changed or significantly altered unless approved by The Australian Burlesque Festival. Due to the high number of performers ABF cannot risk double ups regarding music. Whilst we appreciate some songs are popular and used repeatedly we like to avoid too many similarities.
Music cannot be changed or altered three months prior to the festival.

Media and Marketing

ABF will at times approach performers regarding publicity opportunities, which might include print, online or film. ABF expects ALL performers to actively participate in promotion of the festival. While we understand that many of you are asked to promote various other events it is essential that participants promote ABF wherever possible. ABF will in return promote each performer and offer opportunities as they arise.
All performers must list their participation in the Australian Burlesque Festival accurately on all websites and social media profiles within seven days on confirmation.
It is an expectation of performers to promote the Australian Burlesque Festival as much as possible following acceptance to the festival. Approved marketing materials and links will be provided.
Performers may be included in publicity leading up to the commencement of the Australian Burlesque Festival and will be offered these opportunities as they become available.

Venues and Technical Information

General information regarding the venues will be available via the website.
Technical information regarding the stage, lighting, access to the venue, dressing room and so forth will be emailed closer to the time by the Director or Tour Manager.
Other than what is provided the Australian Burlesque Festival does not hire additional AV equipment for individual artists. If you require additional equipment you must discuss with the team immediately on confirmation. We will inform performers of what is available.
Formats and rehearsal forms will be sent seven to fourteen days prior to the commencement of the festival but are subject to change at any time due to unforeseeable circumstances. Performers will be notified of any changes to the schedule as soon as practical and must be contactable by phone or email so the Director and/or Tour Manager can inform you of any changes.
Outside of emergency changes to rehearsal and show formats all performers are expected to arrive well ahead of their scheduled times to ensure smooth running. Late comers may not be able to be accommodated.
Tech runs and/or rehearsals will be available at the venue on the day of the events.

NO liquid, confetti, paint, chalk, blood, food, spray or loose glitter, sharp objects or fire is allowed unless direct approval given by the ABF Director.

Some venues have a NO GLITTER policy.

General Information

ABF does not tolerate any bullying or harassment of any participant in the festival. Noted instances of any such behaviour will result in the immediate cancellation of your participation from the festival.

ABF would like to reiterate that culturally appropriative, insensitive and highly offensive acts will not be tolerated.

In order for ABF to run in an orderly manner we expect everyone involved to read and comply with all instructions. Information is provided to clarify all expectations of participants and should be read and understood as soon as practicable.

All performers and staff must act in a professional and respectful manner to other artists, ABF staff, assistants, technical support, venue staff and patrons.

Any performer who consumes too much alcohol prior to performing or working and cannot function adequately will be asked to leave the venue or premises forfeiting payment.

Drug use will not be tolerated.

The dressing room must be left in a clean and orderly manner upon departure. Whilst we appreciate burlesque can be a little messy at times, respect for your fellow participants is paramount.  Any damage caused to the venue or other participants possessions will be the sole liability of the participant responsible.

Please be mindful of other performers and crews space. Try to contain your items as best you can.

All props or small items (other than your costume) must be made known to the Stage Manager or Assistant Stage Manager during your rehearsal.

Please try to have your hair and makeup done prior to your show. At times the dressing room can be small with limited mirror space.

All performers are responsible for their own costumes and props. While ABF will do everything to safeguard your property we cannot be held responsible for personal items due to loss, damage or theft. If you have left an item at the venue it is your responsibility to contact the venue directly to collect it.

All performers are responsible for load in, setup and load out of their own  props. However assistance will be given regarding props as available.

Large, heavy or awkward props must be approved by ABF prior to commencement.

Under NO circumstances are personal friends, family or assistants allowed backstage at any time.