The Australian Burlesque Festival was established in late 2009 which was born out of a passion and desire to cel­eb­rate our won­der­ful bur­lesque com­munity.

ABF deb­ut­ed in early 2010 to sold out audi­ences with the fest­ival flourishing and continuing to experience hugely popular and sold out shows across the country. Each year gets bigger and better with more lavish, exciting and fun events.

Aus­tralian burlesque is internationally renown for its unique fla­vour of the­at­rical, glamorous and avant-garde bur­lesque and out­rageously tal­en­ted performers. The Aus­tralian Bur­lesque Fest­ival brings together the best of our homegrown artists as well as inter­na­tional burlesque icons!

The past number years have seen bur­lesque afi­cion­ados and first timers alike delighting in the stunning array of sensational tease with more glamorous strip-tease, exciting neo-burlesque and exotic seduction than they can handle!

The Australian Burlesque Festival is a unique community based exper­i­ence uniting burlesque artists all over the country and the globe in a tour of sizzling showcases, workshops and industry awards. The festival celebrates diversity, variety and talent from all over the world.

Bubble Glamour Productions is a (R) entity under ASIC.
Trading as: Australian Burlesque Festival, Brisbane Burlesque Festival, Queensland Burlesque Festival, Melbourne Burlesque Festival, Canberra Burlesque Festival, Sydney Burlesque Festival, Darwin Burlesque Festival, Alice Springs Burlesque Festival, Adelaide Burlesque Festival, Newcastle Burlesque Festival

Festival Director Dolores Dai­quiri

Our Mission Statement

The Australian Burlesque Festival is a very unique community based event that celebrates modern burlesque. It prides itself on providing a platform to local and international artists to present their style of ‘art’.

The core values of ABF is to provide a safe space that champions and celebrates BIPOC, the LGBTQIA+ community, minority groups and anyone who participates in the festival.

Our goal is to make sure all cultures, races and genders are treated with respect, tolerance and equality. The festival does not tolerate culturally insensitive or appropriative material at any time. ABF will ensure that the values and ethos of the event will be respected and adhered to.

ABF is a body positive, feminist event with its aim to empower every performer. We respect our patrons, artists, crew and all involved in this collaborative celebration.

ABF will continue to maintain a high standard of quality events that does not exclude anyone based on disability, ethnicity, age, body shape & size, skin colour, and identity.

We honour our Indigenous Peoples. #blacklivesmatter #indigeneouslivesmatter

We stand alongside BIPOC and will honour and respect the fight for equality, fairness, equal rights and the dismantling of injustice.

**Championing BIPOC and LGBTQIA+**

ABF will make sure our line ups will be representative of BIPOC and the LGBTQIA+ community. So it goes along with saying we will support and include you. We will uplift you & amplify you. We will create a platform that is inclusive, respectful and diverse.

National Tour

Come and see some of the best in the biz! Local and international performers hit the stage. Over 10 amazing shows across the country.

Outstanding Production

Produced by burlesque icon Dolores Daiquiri. The world’s largest touring burlesque festival. Celebrating burlesque since 2009. Providing quality shows for artists and patrons.

Quality Entertainment

Be amazed! Be captivated! Be delighted! No two shows are the same. Variety, diversity, quality! Enjoy the talent and creativity.

What Is Burlesque?

Burlesque literally means to ‘mock’ or to parody and is an extremely ‘old’ form of variety entertainment popularised in the 1800s but can be found throughout history. Clubs and theatres often had raunchy ‘variety shows’ that were very popular from about the 1840s to the 1940s. Hollywood, in the Golden Era, even tried to recapture or recreate ‘burlesque’ in film that would include elements of vaudeville, comedy, dance and ‘tease’. During the 1940s to 1960s striptease performers such as Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm, Jennie Lee, Dixie Evans, Lily St Cyr, Evelyn West and so many more embodied the essence of ‘striptease’.

Neo burlesque or modern burlesque was popularised again in the early 90s in the USA and is still extremely popular worldwide. It generally involves ‘striptease’, which consists of the tasteful removal of garments to a final reveal, but can include elements of slapstick, vaudeville, circus, cabaret, boylesque, queer performance art and so much more. In most cases it does not involve full frontal nudity but is more about capturing the ‘Art of Tease’ in its true essence. There are now Burlesque Festivals, Productions and Conferences all around the world celebrating ‘burlesque’ including Australia. It is an exciting time for performers and audiences!!

Burlesque is for anyone who is looking for a great night of entertainment.