Industry spotlight: Matchless Snapshots


Rachel Mia of Matchless Snapshots is a self taught photographer based in Geelong, Victoria. When first viewing Rachel’s work you could be forgiven for thinking she has a state of the art photographic studio with a myriad of sets, costumes and make up artists at her disposal. It might be surprising then to learn that Rachel works mostly out of a small backyard studio bungalow, and this industrious photographer conjures much of the fantastical props and sets you see in her work seemingly out of thin air, not to mention she also does most of the hair and make up as well!


In 4 short years Rachel has made a big impression on the Australian burlesque community with her stunning imagery and support of her fellow creative artists. Whether it be her live documentation or studio portraiture this passionate woman has a knack for capturing performers in their element and making a still photograph zing with imagination and life.


Having talented, experimental photographers is vital to the burlesque artist to convey the mood and drama of her live acts to an audience not able to see her in the flesh (excuse the pun!)

We are so grateful to photographers like Rachel for working so hard along side us and we encourage you to take a peek at her vivid photographs, or book your own creative photoshoot and see what magic happens…


With love,

Rosy Rabbit. x


A sample of Rachel’s work below.

You can see more on the Matchless Snapshots Facebook page.

‘A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.’

– Annie Leibovitz