Evie’s #Flashback – AMALIA AGUILAR


Amalia Aguilar is a Cuban film actress and dancer who rose to fame during the golden age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s. She was born in Cuba in 1928 and was quite lively, as Cubans say, she had ‘rhythm in her blood’. As a small child she staged many duet shows with her sister, calling themselves “The Aguilar Sisters”. The sisters toured Cuba
with their show, however Cecilia soon fell in love and married, leaving Amalia to perform alone.

Amalia was soon snapped up by Julio Richards, a famous performer and producer in search of a dance partner. They performed in Mexico City in 1945, at the height of a vibrant economy and producing many shows together.

Amalia gained international attention and was invited to perform in Mexico, and Hollywood with many filmmakers and cabaret clubs. Among her highlights she performed in Joe DiMaggio’s night club, alongside Carmen Miranda and Bob Hope, featured in a burlesque film ‘A night at the Follies’ and a Mexican film ‘Pervertida’ . She featured in many more Mexican films and was considered one of the Queens of the Rumberas film.

Amalia retired in the 1970s and in 2006 was awarded the Mexican Silver Aerial for her contribution. Today Amalia lives in Mexico city.