Legs 11.11 (Sydney, NSW)

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Sophie Cook is an actress, burlesque dancer, performance artist, choreographer, theatre maker and MC extraordinaire. She grew up training in classical ballet, contemporary and jazz dance and moved on to pursue acting in her early twenty’s, graduating from “Actors Centre Australia” in 2004. In 2007 she regularly MC’d at “Doctor Sketchy’s Art Class” and got into burlesque when the acting world was quiet and creativity beckoned. She danced “The Burlesque Ball” that year and her burlesque has ran side by side her MC and acting careers ever since. Recent MC characters are The Queen of Hearts & Helena Bottom Carter for “Timania” (Gallery Burlesque),  Fran Fine for “Doppelganger Dames, the 2nd Daming” (Gallery Burlesque) and Angelina Jolie for “Doppelganger Dames 3”, a part of Sydney Fringe 2012. Recent acting credits include play “The Burlesque Effect” at The Newtown Theatre 2011, “Tricky Business”,  “Packed to the Rafters” and most recently “TRASH” (TV pilot). Some of her Legs 11.11 burlesque credits include “The Australian Burlesque Festival 2012”, “The Gorelesque Festival 2012” and “Dark Carnivale” directed by Craig Ilott, director from Smoke and Mirrors and Ignatius Jones.


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